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Efficient and Dependable Process

The first step in creating your point-of-purchase display or store fixture is the display design. Your idea is first brought alive through line drawing and our state-of-the-art software. JL Display Group, Inc. strives to provide you with the very best in visual and conceptual display design presentation. You can depend on us to create a display according to your design specifications down to the smallest detail.

See beyond the concept with our prototypes

A prototype of your point-of-purchase display or store fixture for production is built after receiving your specifications. This is an important phase that confirms whether the production of your display or store fixture matches your design specifications. In our prototyping process, you can test a fully functioning sample of your new display or store fixture.

Production at the most competitive prices

JL Display Group, Inc. at Bedford Park has checks in place to achieve the highest level of quality in the domestic production. We, now, have the ability to import components, and offer you more competitive prices. We are proud of the products made in the USA, and support them, but you can also get quality imported products at the most competitive prices.

Final inspection of displays before delivery

Our fulfillment phase consists of an extensive inspection of every product before it gets packed for delivery. If required, we also do a thorough test of the display’s components. You will get a wide variety of services including assembly, packaging, and shipment of your store fixture. We guarantee that our displays will meet your store specifications perfectly.

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